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Bespoke Service

Let us make you a piece of jewellery entirely to your liking or source one. We are specialists in resetting and redesigning your jewellery to reflect the current trends and fashions.

No matter what state or age the piece of jewellery is in, our craftsmen will transform your diamonds and other precious stones into mouth-watering beautiful and wearable jewellery; jewellery you will not want to lock up in the bank but jewellery you will wish to be seen.

Green & Frederick also deals with the finest diamond and stone dealers throughout the world, ensuring the best quality of all the stones they supply. Their craftsmanship is second to none; the jewellery you get from Green & Frederick is designed to last for a lifetime and become the antiques of the future.

Contact Edward Green on 0131 226 7000 to set up a private appointment.

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